Teaching with Summon @ Sheffield Business School – Alison Lahlafi (Sheffield Hallam)

Rolled Summon out to 600 Malaysian students using the following approach…

1) explore the world of business information and think about the search terms & techniques

2) introduce Summon as one element of the Library Gateway and then show key refining options

3) introduce LibGuides as a gateway to the business databases — students use workbook to explore specialist business information (e.g. key company and market research databases)

Alison ran a survey and the students said they liked Summon.

Undergrads — SHU have stopped showing students how to use Google Scholar.

Postgrads — sessions based around finding specific articles.

Demos are kept as short as possible in order to allow more time for hands-on practice.

In demos, they don’t show students the advanced search page.

Things they show students:
– show the content type section
– show the publication date slider
– show how to find ebooks and journal articles
– show the peer review refinement option
– explain that sometimes uses quotes in the search may help

– show the library catalogue as a separate search tool
– use Summon to search for newspaper articles — go straight to Nexis UK instead (this is due to poor article linking in Lexis)