Matt Borg (Sheffield Hallam)

The Road to Information Literacy!

Matt’s talking about a paper he’s going to give at IFLA with Angie.

Historically, Info Lit sessions:
– varied by discipline
– very reactive
– focus on “this is what you need to click on”

Focus was too much on the content and not the process of discovery.

Sheffield wanted to move away from interfaces that only librarians knew how to search, to ones that are intuitive to students.

Libraries need to move away from clutter.

Librarians should be the facilitators of learning.

Summon reduced friction and makes the journey easy for the students.

– feedback from librarians was initially worrying as they were using Summon as expert searchers
– instead, the focus needs to be on the student experience — they’re not expert searches
– once staff treated Summon as non-expert searchers, things clicked into place