Jean Portman (Surrey)

Jean is talking about the Summon experience at Surrey.

Introducing Summon

Introduced in June 2011 with a soft launch to academics and postgrads.

Allowed time to prepare teaching materials for 2011/12 academic year.

Fully launched in Sep/Oct 2011, along with lots of other changes in the library (new building, etc). Beacuse there were to many changes, the promotion of Summon was sometimes lost in the hoise.

How has it changed our teaching?

We’ve tried to wean students off Google and Google Scholar — Summon is introduced as “our Google”.

Summon is promoted as the first place to go to find articles.

For new undergrads and some second year students, it’s used as the primary search tool (which alarmed some academics!). For all other levels, we stress that Summon does not replace databases for in-depth searching.

Good Things
– positive feedback
– much easier to find a lot of journal articles
– library like it (but not as much as students do!)

Bad Things
– issues with linking to EBSCO and Wiley content
– not everything indexed on Summon
– articles in Nexis don’t link
– de-duping sometimes not good
– slight differences between Harvard refencing and “Cite them right”