Jean McGuiness (Abertay Dundee)

Abertay have had Summon for 18 months and went for a soft launch, gradually enabling resources in the knowledge base.

Decided to show all undergrad students Summon and postgrads were shown Summon and subject databases.

Summon was introduced at a time when Aberay were already redesigning the way they did inductions and tutorial sessions — e.g. reducing session length from 2 hours to 1 hour or 30 mins.

Showing Summon has freed up time to talk about other things, such as the information landscape the students need to be aware of (e.g. law students need to find cases and legislation).

Librarians are perfectionists, so we need to constantly ask ourselves “do students really need to know that now?” and we need to not be scared of making mistakes — mistakes are learning opportunities.

Before Summon, Abertay had WebFeat (federated search) and some people miss the discipline scoped searches (esp. academic staff).

The Summon search box is front & centre in the various subject guides, as well as in the library resources page in the VLE.

Shock in the room! One of the academics said they wanted a link to Google Scholar rather than to Summon 😀