Bryony Ramsden (Huddersfield)

Bryony is up next and talking about issues with teaching Human & Health students at Huddersfield.

Wide mixture of abilities when it comes to IT and e-resources.

Before Summon, Huddersfield had MetaLib. Health students had to search individual databases and MetaLib didn’t make it very easy for them.

Even with Summon, Health students still need to be taught how to use different native interfaces (e.g. CINALH, Cochrane, etc). However, Summon teaches students transferrable skills for those databases.

– Health students take to Summon like ducks to water!

– Some academics take it upon themselves to try and teach Info Lit to students and try to steer students to native interfaces rather than to Summon.
– Some Health students are obsessed about getting as few results as possible and don’t understand why Summon brings back too many results.