Andrew Walsh (Huddersfield)

Andrew is starting off with videos of kittens (lots of “ahhs” in the room!)

Before Summon, the Info Lit sessions would be like…
– we’re going to turn you into little librarians
– “using Google with turn you blind and you’re get hairy palms!”
– research is HARD and it’s meant to be HARD!
– let me show you lots of HARD TO USE databases and here’s a massive A to Z list!

After Summon…
– we can concentrate on Info Lit
– we’ve got time to show students silly videos to keep them awake šŸ˜€
– demoing Summon only takes a few minutes and frees up time to talk about evaluation
– Andrew encourages students to play with Summon rather than showing them how to use it
– students find it obvious how to use Summon and, at the end of the session, the students will tell him how to refine searches!