Alison Sharman (Huddersfield)

“Give me 10 minutes!!!”

In the days of MetaLib
– long inductions
– confusing
– lots of yawns from students

After introducing Summon
– inductions got shorter
– just on place to go to search for journal articles

Alison shows a quote from a student saying that he would never use MetaLib for journal articles (too hard) and that changed completely once he tried Summon.

Another quote: “Summon is like Compare the!”

Alison’s now talking about the Roving Librarian project where librarians take a iPad/tablet out into the academic schools, cafes, etc and do live demos and offer research help to students.

Alison says that all she needs is 10 minutes to show students how to use Summon, which allows her to get to do more demos to students during teaching sessions.

In the 10 mins:
– live demo and she’d make mistakes
– get a volunteer to come up and do a search
– emphasise keywords
– refining by date, scholarly articles and ebooks

Some final points
– Alison has created some short screencasts (which are embedded into the VLE)
– some business databases aren’t in Summon, so need to be taught separately
– problems with EBSCO linking, esp. Business Source Premier
– decreased usage for resources not within Summon