ACES teaching – Sandy Buchanan (Sheffield Hallam)

ACES stands for Art, Computing, Engineering & Science.

Quite often, students only need e-resources in their final year of student and Summon is a really good starting point for the first 2 years of study.

Some very specialist databases don’t currently sit in Summon (e.g. market research and engineering standards).

One of the key benefits of moving to Summon was freeing up time to concentrate on Info Lit, rather than having to show students lots of different database interfaces and arcane search screens.

Summon make an ideal launch pad for students and gives them the confidence they need when it comes to searching other databases. It also teaches them key concepts and features, such as peer review and search refinements.

SHU show students multimedia content in Summon, as it grabs their attention.

The referencing options are extremely useful and is almost a match for the SHU in-house style. Importing references into RefWorks is straightforward from Summon.

Issues for teaching:
– Summon is a single resource but the resources it links to behave in very different ways
– Link resolver vs direct linking to articles
– Hide the link to your catalogue — when students find their way onto the OPAC, they get confused why that can’t search for articles
– Art & Design rely strongly on print journals

Summon as a game…
– Summon is still harder to use than Google, so we need to convince students that Summon is more effective

No specific statistics, but anecdotally students like Summon!